Get to know us!

We are Isabel and Martha. We love to allow ourselves to live our dreams. And together, we have started the opportunity of dreams becoming reality: ALL YOU NEED IS DREAM.

Why did it all start ALL YOU NEED IS DREAM?

We started organizing and designing events for our friends and family. All of our events were amazing and enjoyable for everyone. So, we decided to put our talents at the service of others – you. We believe that the realization of unique events can be hard, tough, and a stressful task to achieve. With our help, you will have the event you’ve always dreamt of. The only thing you need, is to start DREAMING.

Together, with a lot of effort, excitement, and our passion for everything to be perfectly efficacious, we will help our clients transform unique events, according to their style, to lasting memories.

We are two creative and perfectionist event planners.



Studied Interior Design

5 things you don’t know about Isa:

1. She has lived in more than 8 different cities

2. She loves to go out to the nature and capture its essence through photography

3. She is passionate about wild life and a mermaid under the sea

4.Creative, thrill seeker and cosmopolitan

5.She has the sense of smell of a hound


Studied Hospitality Management

 5 things you don’t know about Martha:

1.Speaks more than four languages

2. In one month she learned Portuguese so she could work for The Ritz-Carlton in Portugal

3. Loves Nutella, she lived everybody’s dream: eat anything without going fat

4. The best gift she can receive is a book

5. Brave, extremely charismatic, and an entrepreneur